April 6, 2022

A cup of Starbucks coffee in the Metaverse!

Howard Schultz has re-joined Starbucks as the CEO of the company. As for Starbucks, the new marketing strategy involves entering the metaverse.

Recently, in an open discussion, Schultz confirmed that Starbucks is entering the metaverse with the vision of doing something for the company within a month.

In this era of VR, the most renowned brands are entering the metaverse and adopting NFTs. Therefore, the remaining bands are likely to join the race because of its significance in the virtual world.

Howard has just confirmed that Starbucks is entering the metaverse with no specific date. We can expect to see Starbucks in the coming days or within the next month.

Starbucks will suspend its stock repurchase program, which was announced by Schultz.

Metaverse has its first restaurant, called Wendyverse. They are more than just a restaurant that offers services other than food delivery.

Which other food brands would you like to see in the metaverse?