April 2, 2022

Adam & Eve  of the first-ever Metaverse wedding in Decentraland

An American couple got married with their digital identities in Decentraland. It had all the features of a physical wedding, including witnesses, a Supreme Court Justice official, and guests.

Ryan &  Candice Hurley

Rose Law Group’s estate developed a "meta-marriage framework" by incorporating a "Virtual Premarital Agreement" into Decentraland’s metaverse.

It is questionable as there is no legal framework for marriages in the Metaverse.

Meta-Marriage License?

Without any doubt, this is a great innovation using blockchain technology. However, there were some technical errors.

According to the American Marriage Ministries, people must be present in person for a legal wedding with a witness, not as digital avatars. They don’t consider a couple to be married via video conference.

A Californian couple who work for Coinbase issued NFT rings with their wedding vows in April 2021.

The first blockchain wedding was hosted by the Disney World Bitcoin Conference.