All you wanna know about ApeCoin!

March 19, 2022

You can be a member of the DAO through Ape Coin DAO. Let’s decode ApeCoin!

Just like ETH, the ERC-20 Token is the new ApeCoin, which you can buy or sell independently on the deFi exchange.

At present, one APE is worth $14, and a day of trading surges to around $2 billion.

ApeCoin DAO has released ApeCoin, which includes voting structures. The Ape Foundation will manage day-to-day DAO activities.

Cryto investors in Ape Foundation: Reddit's Alexis Ohanian; Amy Wu, FTX, Maaria Bajwa, Sound Ventures; Yat Siu, Animoca Brands, Dean Steinbeck, Horizen Labs.

We can’t digest the fact that Bored Ape investors are not on that list.

These coins are almost free money for the NFT holders from the Bored Ape Yacht Club in the first 90 days. Approximately, 110 million APE tokens are claimed by NFT holders.

The "Free Money" concept was implemented by "Adventure Gold" in September 2020 as "Loot NFT."

ApeCoins can be used as in-game currency. 25 ApeCoins = A Benji Bananas Membership Pass ~ special token