Founder of Azuki NFT collection confessed to many rug pulls. 

10 May, 2022

The founder of the popular Azuki NFT project, Zagabond, revealed his past involvement with other NFT projects.

In a blog post, Azuki founder revealed his involvement with the projects - Cryptophunks, Tendies and Cryptozunks. All these projects were eventually abandoned.

The confession of the Azuki founder was met with backlash from the NFT community. 

The price of an Azuki NFT on OpenSea fell from 19 ETH to as low as 10.9 ETH after the revelation. 

Azuki founder’s blog post has once again reignited the conversation around transparency in the NFT market

Azukis NFTs have generated over $526 million in sales volumes since their launch in February. 

Average NFT sales are reportedly down 92% from their peak last year.