Former Twitter CEO compares Coinbase with a casino.

12 May, 2022

Twitter co-founder Jack Dorsey compared the largest US crypto exchange Coinbase with a casino. 

Replying to a tweet that said, “ Coinbase becoming prime acquisition target,” Dorsey wrote, “Nah, it’s a casino.”

Earlier, the famous financial broadcaster and bitcoin pioneer Max Keiser had also made similar comments. 

In January 2020, Keiser said Coinbase is technically a casino and should be regulated as such.

Jack Dorsey tweeted “My bad,” when Keiser "accused" Dorsey of plagiarizing his comments on Coinbase that he made years ago. 

Former Twitter CEO also noted that he has no plans of leading the social media platform again.

Amid the ongoing crypto market crash, Coinbase and other crypto-related firms’ shares have also fallen sharply.