April 11, 2022

BitMEX CEO Predicts Bitcoin Might Slump To $30000

According to the co-founder of BitMEX, Arthur Hayes, bitcoin might move along with technology stocks, which may slump to $30,000 by June.

Recently, Hayes highlighted the dynamics of Ether at $2,500.

Arthur plans a long crypto position. Interest rates will rise in a few months due to the Federal Reserve.

The Chief Economist at Goldman Sachs Group, Inc. Jan Hatzius, stated that the interest rate will rise by 4%.

Hayes believes that the outcome of slow global growth might be the crypto-extension of tech stocks.

Arthur wrote about the inconvenient truth of crypto as an indicator for S&P and Nasdaq rather than a decentralised network for money transfer.

His prediction of mid-2020 on bitcoin was proved. Let’s wait till June!