BJP President JP Nadda's Twitter account hacked. Hackers put out tweets seeking crypto donations for Ukraine

Feb 27, 2022

Multiple tweets were posted from the Twitter account of the president of India's ruling party, BJP, seeking crypto donations for Ukraine and Russia amid the ongoing war.

BJP sources said Nadda's account was compromised briefly. "It is now under control. We are speaking with Twitter to ascertain the exact reason," a party leader said.

The compromised account sought crypto donations for both the countries involved in the ongoing war. The  account first tweeted, "Stand with the people of Ukraine. Donate in cryptocurrencies."

In the subsequent post, the hacker tweeted, "Sorry, my account got hacked. Donate to Russia because they need help." 

PM Modi's personal Twitter account was briefly compromised in December last year. The hacker had shared a scam link promising a bitcoin giveaway.

Earlier last year, Twitter accounts of several prominent personalities were hacked and shared fake links to crypto giveaways. 

Barak Obama, Joe Biden, Kim Kardashian, and Binance CEO Changpeng Zhao were among the few prominent personalities whose Twitter accounts were compromised in the infamous crypto scam.