Charles Hoskinson says bitcoiners are lying to lawmakers about altcoins.  

May 28, 2022

Cardano founder Charles Hoskinson said he found out that some influential bitcoiners are trying to sabotage altcoins. 

Hoskinson claimed that those influential personalities are lying to lawmakers about altcoins, saying all of them are securities except bitcoin. 

The Caradno founder went on to compare these bitcoiners to multinational banks.

“This not the behavior of people who come from Liberteraion principles, this is the behavior of multinational banks,” Hoskinson added.

Hoskinson, who backs more government transparency in the crypto industry, made these claims during a livestream on Youtube. 

According to Cardano founder, these bitcoiners are making every attempt to delegitimize and outright ban all the altcoins. 

Michael Saylor and Jack Dorsey are some of the most influential bitcoiners in the crypto industry.