Crypto Leaders Take Center Stage at Davos

May 23,  2022

Crypto firms’ executives advocated faster crypto adoption at the annual World Economic Forum. 

Bitcoin Pizza Stall and Bitcoin Lounge were also present at Davos’s main street. 

Crypto craze at Davos was seen despite the ongoing crypto cash in which the entire market has lost about $800 million. 

Tether gave away free slices of pizza to celebrate the historic bitcoin pizza day on 22nd May.

Lazlo Hanyecz paid 10,000 bitcoins to buy 2 pizzas in 2010, worth about $41 at the time. Today, the value of those two pizzas would be over $300 million. 

The annual meeting was initially scheduled for January but was turned into a virtual event. 

Cliff Sarkin, chief operating officer of CasperLabs, said that as the market gets bigger, the peaks and valleys will be beautiful.