Traditional gifting to NFT gifting: A cultural shift

With an increase in the conversation around crypto and NFTs, there is a growing awareness on the multiple use cases of NFTs.

Gifting NFTs is the latest edition to the long list of how individuals, brands and corporates are leveraging blockchain technology.

There has been a cultural shift in terms of how gifts are perceived. There are plenty of things to be considered before gifting.

NFTs and crypto are emerging as an alternative gifting idea.The multiple benefits of gifting NFTs outweighs existing e-gifting.

Ways in which you can gift NFT: – Top up their wallet – Transfer their favorite NFTs based on their interests – Gift NFTs on the basis of utility -Create their metamask wallet

The online gifting industry in India is projected to grow from $119 million in 2019 to $159 million by 2025.

NFT gifting will become a fundamental part of blockchain relationships and NFT marketplaces are changing how it occurs.