Curve Finance launches on Moonbeam 

Feb 15, 2022

Raising $16 billion for the Polkadot ecosystem

Curve Finance has expanded its DeFi protocol to the Ethereum-compatible smart control platform on Polkadot, Moonbeam.

Image source: — Curve Finance (@CurveFinance)

Moonbeam has seen a huge spike since the beginning of its launch in January. DeFi projects have chosen Moonbeam as their launchpad to enter the Polkadot ecosystem, using its platform to redeploy Ethereum-based dApps to Polkadot.

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However, none of the protocols are currently deployed on Moonbeam. Curve Finance is the largest DeFi protocol by TVL, with a surge of $19.65 billion in TVL across 8 blockchain networks.

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Out of the $19.65 billion, over $16.93 billion is locked in Ethereum. The Curve's deployment on Moonbeam indicates that the broader Polkadot ecosystem will be able to access its value on Ethereum.

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Polkadot’s high latency and low transaction costs can be a good alternative to Ethereum, which is frequently congested and always expensive.

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Because of its unique approach to providing liquidity, the AMM platform has become the leader in the DeFi industry.

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Unlike similar AMMs such as Uniswap and Balancer, Curve only offers liquidity pools comprised of assets that behave similarly, such as stablecoins or wrapped tokens.

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This has enabled Curve to offer extremely low fees, very little slippage, and reduced risk of impermanent loss.

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