First Metaverse Man, Owner of Balle Balle Land

March 25, 2022

From the metaverse concert to land acquisition in the metaverse, Daler Mehndi has stepped into the world of the metaverse. He bought a metaverse Land,  and named it as "Balle Balle Land."

No-one can doubt his energetic perfermance at Republic Day in the Metaverse Concert. The 3D virtual world was crowded with approximately 20 million views.

After the successful show, he decided to buy land in the Meteverse. This land was officially launched at Holi (festival of colours) and named "Balle Balle Land" (BBL).

He envisions the potential of soft power in Punjabi and Sufi music globally through a metaverse world. BBL will host music concerts, movies, and events in Punjabi.

He highlight that the charm of physical world is different but the future is metaverse and he wants to keep the culture alive forever. 

Daler Mehndi, the First Metaverse Man, has joined the league of Facebook, Microsoft, and Google.