April 4, 2022

Defiance CEO Sylvia says "I expect Bitcoin to hit $100,000"

The co-founder of Defiance ETF, Sylvia Jablonski, highlighted why she envisions bitcoin to surge to $100k irrespective of the present price decline.

She also talked about the pullbacks that seem to be hitting bitcoin too!

It’s a good time to get in!

Using the example of Nasdaq, Sylvia predicts that long-term investment in bitcoin can rise by up to $100000 more than short-term investment, considering the Russia-Ukraine war impact on the market.

Jablonski explains this pertaining to the binary price market. She wants Defiance ETF to be a standalone firm with an active digital asset crypto business other than Wood’s Ark.

Defiance’s funds have taken a beating this year amid market turmoil

Disruptive Themes:

Sylvia considers Ethereum ETFs and alternatives to bitcoin for the future market. She also stated in regards to the psychological factors that investors are holding onto their cash, which is actually a huge mistake.

So are you investing in bitcoin today?