Dogecoin Creator Billy Markus took a dig at Wikipedia for banning crypto donations.


Wikimedia Foundation has finally decided to halt crypto donations after a 3-month long deliberations among its community members.

The non-profit organization discontinued crypto donations citing environmental reasons.

The Wikimedia community voted for the banning of crypto donations by 232 to 94, or 71.17%.

Dogecoin creator Billy Markus mocked the Wikimedia’s decision saying, “hope people don’t find out about the environmental impact of hosting Wikipedia servers.”

Wikimedia Foundation has been accepting cryptocurrency donations since 2014. But the organization will no longer allow that option.

Several major non-profit organizations continue to accept crypto donations. In October 2019, UNICEF became the first UN agency to accept donations in cryptocurrencies.

Ukraine has also received over $50 million in crypto donations so far amid the ongoing war.