Dogecoin creator Billy Markus reveales he only made $3000 from Selling His DOGE In 2015. 

March 31, 2022

Accused of being “salty,” Markus tweeted, “of course I'm salty! I made like 3 grand total directly from making a crypto that had a market cap of 80 billion dollars.”

Dogecoin creator nicknamed Shibetoshi Nakamoto revealed that he had to sell his crypto to pay rent back in 2015.

Dogecoin is currently ranked at 12 in terms of the market capitalization.

In another Twitter thread, Billy Markus stressed the need for Dogecoin to market itself as a digital currency.

Markus believes DOGE is in the best position to be most used for purchasing and tipping.

DOGE creator went on to criticize “scammy” meme coins that have no utility.

Billy Markus admitted that Dogecoin would have failed if he and his partner Jackson Palmer were greedy.