Dolly Parton establishes Dollyverse in Zurkerberg's Meta

March 15, 2022

Dolly Parton

Businesswoman in the music industry and genius musical icon. She has been called "smokey mountain songbird," "backwoods barbie," and the leading lady of the country. 

Exclusive NFT collectables to be launched with edition of Run Rose Run music album including NFT artwork.

With a whooping net worth of $600 million, Dolly pardon’s a renowned American heart-throb is all set to hit the ground running by coming into realm of Metaverse and NFT.

Dolly Parton announces the launch of Dollyverse!  For all Parton's fans, free NFT could be claimed via a live stream performance on the blockchain.

The much anticipated event will be stream on the metaverse on 18th March 2022!

Zuckerberg is highly dependant on collaboration of musical celebrities to enhance  metaverse's dominance. 

At 76 years of age, Dolly Parton remains one of the most progressive businesswoman who is covering the spheres of NFT, Metaverse and Cryptocurrency.