Dubai launches first DogeCoin (DOGE) themed restaurant


Doge Burger, a DOGE-themed virtual restaurant, has launched in Dubai.

The restaurant announced via its Instagram page that it accepts several cryptocurrencies. These include Bitcoin, ETH, BNB, CRO, XRP, USDT, SHIB, and DOGE.

It was launched by Rocket Kitchen, a chain of virtual restaurants, which also prepares the all-American menu as reported by a local news outlet, Time Out Dubai.

Doge Burger is also not the first crypto-themed restaurant. Welly’s, which launched last month in Naples, is a Shiba Inu themed restaurant.

Memecoins are seeing their share of adoption in the crypto space growing rapidly. Other businesses that have started accepting DOGE include Elon Musk’s Tesla.

Doge Burger is only the latest business aiming to drive up acceptance of cryptocurrencies in the UAE.

The UAE also has its sights on increasing the presence of crypto miners in the country. The Middle East country says regulating the crypto sector will be more beneficial to its economy.