Elon Covid19 positive again

March 28, 2022

Elon Musk's recent tweet reveals that he is COVID positive again with no symptoms.

He doubted the procedure of COVID test and its result. Because, in the past he was tested positive twice and then negative twice on the same day.

Last week, Elon was dancing with fans at the Gruenhide plant in Germany.

Elon's tweets: 2020:"something extremely bogus is going on." "The coronavirus panic is dumb," 2021:  "The science is unequivocal." 2022 "Covid as the virus of Theseus"

From a philosophical standpoint, The Ship of Theseus denotes the same outcome with variations in component and external elements.

Tesla has recently raised its car costs, due to inflationary pressures.  With supply-chain challenges it will not reveal new models this year.