Elon Musk believes dogecoin has high potential.

May 13, 2022

The tech billionaire continues to rally behind the original meme-based cryptocurrency Dogecoin. 

Replying to Dogecoin creator Billy Markus’s tweet, the world’s richest person wrote “ It (Dogecoin) has potential as a currency.”

Billy Markus earlier tweeted that he likes Dogecoin because it is stupid.

The meme-based cryptocurrency is up nearly 21% in the last 24-hours. However, it is still down 28% in the last seven days. 

Musk has shown support for Dogecoin on many occasions. Earlier, Tesla announced to accept DOGE as payment for its merchandise. 

The eccentric tech billionaire is currently in process of acquiring Twitter, where people are expecting him to integrate the meme cryptocurrency. 

Will Dogecoin become the currency of the internet as Musk intends it to be?