Ethereum Whales go ham on Shiba Inu,

Feb 24, 2022

Will current reversal trend hold?

Shiba Inu one of the meme coins still holding strong through thick and thin, it has made an impressive mark in the market, continuing to recover from dips.

With the latest crash, it has become a target for large holders, mainly Ethereum whales, who have continued to purchase the cryptocurrency in large quantities.

Ethereum whales have been one of the largest groups of supporters of meme coin Shiba Inu. These whales hold trillions of SHIB tokens combined running into the hundreds of millions of dollars.

Ethereum Whales stock up on SHIB

Whale interest in Shiba Inu has not dwindled and is currently the second-largest holding among the whales with an average of $1,364,263 worth of SHIB held by each wallet.

These whales have collectively increased their average SHIB token balances by 2.63% in the same time frame, and the average value held by each wallet is up 4.44%

After trending below $0.00001, Shiba Inu had finally been able to recover, forming a critical daily support zone just above $0.00002.

Shiba Inu on a reversal trend