Exclusive NFT collection featuring LeBron James

March 10, 2022

You gotta chance to win only if you find the hidden QR code in the Big Game commercial! 

An NFT collection featuring LeBron James!

The Crypto.com commercial represents young LeBron James, and we will witness the entire narration of his journey to the 2022 Big Game.

Viewers were glued to the debut brand film by Crypto.com with Matt Damon, which featured a secret QR code!

Where was the QR code? Around 0:10s!!! Just behind young LeBron.

This took to a secret webpage to win a limited edition NFT. 

"The Moment of Truth" NFT collection: Directed by Calmatic.  This film was set in James' bedroom in Akron.  The college dropout story is something many can relate. His passion and perspective towards life is the reason we can all connect with him.

"The Moment of Truth" NFT collection consists 3 tiers  Tier 3 features on-set details and Easter eggs, 5 NFTs with 1000 editions each. Tier 2 captures the nostalgia of LeBron James roots.  5 NFTs with 100 editions each. Tier 1 includes exclusive glimpses of the GOAT himself. 5 NFTs with 10 editions each. 

"I can’t tell you everything.”

You gotta call your own shots