Facebook says it’s not responsible for crypto scam ads 

Earlier this month, Australian billionaire Andrew Forrest announced that he will be taking Facebook to the court on account of several crypto scams ads running on the platform under his name.

However, in its court documents, Facebook has outrightly rejected claims by Andrew Forrest arguing that the company’s terms of service protect it from liability. Facebook argues that since Andrew Forrest has an official Facebook account, he has agreed to Facebook’s terms of service.

The Australian billionaire has launched civil proceedings against Facebook in the superior court in San Mateo, California. He has slapped charges of “misappropriation of likeness”, “aiding and abetting fraud” and “negligent failure to warn” for Facebook’s failure to stop crypto scam ads appearing under his name.

In its argument in the court filing, Facebook says that it isn’t liable for the crypto scam ads citing multiple grounds. First and foremost, Facebook says it is protected by section 230 of the US Communications Decency Act.

This limits the liability of websites for third-party content posted on these websites.Facebook added that since Forrest holds an official account on FB, he has complied with the terms of service.

Andrew Forrest’s response to the Facebook court filing shall arrive by Tuesday, February 22.