Two ETH whales acquires 885.27 billion Shiba Inu tokens

March 3, 2022

                        the fifth-largest whale on Ethereum, has accumulated another 442 billion Shiba Inu Tokens in addition to its 1 trillion Shib.


"Gimli," purchased 442,637,867,858 (442.6B) SHIB tokens worth $11,561,701 (11.5M) in a 

single transaction!

Considering "Gimli's" wallet, we noticed that Shiba Inu (SHIB) is her 9th largest token position by dollar value. The  average accumulating figure looks like $0.0000264 per SHIB token.

WhaleStats reports that the second whale is a new whale with nearly the same number of SHIB tokens as "Gimli," with approximately 442,637,867,858 (442.6B) tokens worth $11,969,061 ($11.9M) in the last 24 hours.

So far, the Whales accumulated a total of 885,275,735,716 (885B) SHIB tokens worth $23,530,762 ($23.5M) during the last 24 hours.