April 19, 2022

Godfather of DeFi: Crypto needs regulation 

After quitting the world of Defi, Andrei expressed his regrets pertaining to crypto and the birth of monetary policy. 

Cronje uses the analgogy of coding, where people criticise and find faults in the beginning. Later, they realise and understand why it was what it was.  

It is easy for us to criticise monetary policy, but it is what it is for some valid reason. However, we have a chance to do things in a better way as the new generation of crypto.

Andre highlights the crypto ethos concept and culture, which includes self custody, self empowerment, self-sovereign rights, wealth and enrichment, etc.

He supports the existence and application of regulation and legislation that are there for crisis situations when we need them the most. 

Cronje envisions witnessing a new blockchain economy without greed but driven by trust. 

"Crypto is dead. Long live Crypto."                                    -Andre Cronje