May 06, 2022

A human error sent $36 million JUNO tokens to an inaccessible address. 

$36 million worth of JUNO tokens were sent to a wrong address because of a typo.

Juno community had earlier voted to seize the same tokens from Takumi Asano, a Japanese investor accused of gaming the Juno airdrop. 

$36 million worth of tokens were supposed to go to a Juno community controlled wallet. 

When the code was executed to send the funds to the community wallet, a programming error caused JUNO tokens to move to an inaccessible address. 

A member of Juno’s “Core-1” founding developer team revealed that the travesty happened because of a copy-paste error.

Juno developers mistakenly copied the transaction hash while executing the order instead of the wallet address.

It wasn’t just one human’s error, 120 Juno validators aslo failed to recheck the community wallet address.