April 6, 2022

Is Twitter Planning To Integrate Crypto?

It is a business unit that focuses on the development of social networks for cryptocurrency, blockchains, and Web3. The project is led by Tess Rinearson and started in November 2021.

Have you ever heard of Twitter Crypto?

Twitter has a crypto unit because it wants to have options for creating new content and monetizing it. Its purpose is also to connect crypto communities and go beyond crypto conversation.

In Sept, 2021, Twitter included "tipping" features for receiving bitcoin as not all people had traditional currencies and also because of the low transaction fees.

Twitter has its own research team for panel interviews and surveys. They follow accounts, attend online conferences and events. These are ways to discover "the new" and "the next" in the crypto world.

Open discussion and real-time feedback are add-on features in Twitter crypto. The crypto tipping feature and NFT pictures were added after analysing the user’s behaviour.

Jack Dorsey was planning to introduce blockchain to Twitter to make it more decentralised before quitting as CEO.

Twitter has already integrated options to keep Bored Apes as profile pictures. People are expecting Elon Musk to introduce a doge coin tip jar on Twitter.

Recently, the CEO of Twitter, Parag Agrawal, expressed his excitement to see Elon Musk on board. Is Twitter planning to integrate crypto?