April 13, 2022

Jack Dorsey says “I’ve Zero Interest in Cryptocurrencies"

The former CEO of Twitter, Jack Dorsey, was blaming "the system" pertaining to the White House's announcement of extraordinarily high inflation.

Following the conversation, he stated that he has "zero interest in cryptocurrencies."

Jack wants to fix the system with bitcoin rather than make money out of it.

At a mega conference in June 2021, Dorsey already showed his interest in bitcoin. And in November 2021, he left Twitter in order to get involved and focus on bitcoin.

The recent statement led to a debate on whether Bitcoin is a cryptocurrency or not! Jack was referring to altcoins but not bitcoin. He began this year with an announcement on the bitcoin mining system.

Jack’s Fintech company, Square, partnered with Blockstream and Tesla in order to build a bitcoin mining system through renewable energy.

Dorsey strongly believes that bitcoin will soon replace the U.S. dollar in coming years.

Will Bitcoin fix the monetary system in the future?