Hollywood Actor Jim Carrey Buys His First NFT

June 4, 2022

Jim Carrey now owns an NFT created by photographer Ryan vKoopmans and Swedish artist Alice Wexell.

Carrey tweeted to his followers that he decided to purchase the NFT because of its artistic values.

“Thank you [Ryan Koopmans] for gently capturing nature's exquisite and relentless reinvention. BTW you’re my first NFT,” Jim Carrey tweeted.

The Canadian-American actor paid for the NFT via the MoonPay service on NFT marketplace SuperRare for ETH 20.

The NFT that the comedian bought is a piece from the genesis project ‘The Wild Within.’

While so many A list celebrities are flocking BAYC and CryptoPunks NFTs, Jim Carrey picked something entirely different.

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