May 04, 2022

Joe Rogan says the government is “freaking out” about bitcoin.

In the latest episode of his famous podcast, host Joe Rogan said he thinks of bitcoin the same way as he does the early internet.

Talking to mixed martial artist Khalil Rountree, Joe Rogan said “they (government) didn’t see it coming and now it’s a viable form of currency.”

The Joe Rogan Experience host continued that the government is “freaking out” about the viability of bitcoin as people can now buy things with it.

The famous podcaster, who has eleven million listeners per episode, said the government's aggressive attempt to curb and control crypto has fallen apart because of public uproar.

He said the government is trying to curb and censor crypto like they did with the internet during the Obama administration.

Citing China’s example, Rogan said governments will try to implement centralized digital currencies where they could control what people spend their money on.

Earlier this year, Joe Rogan opined that Bitcoin will either completely fall apart or revolutionize the way we live.