Police Investigates LUNA investor accused of trespassing Do Kwon’s house

16 May, 2022

LUNA investor who was accused of trespassing at the apartment of Do Kwon was investigated by the police in Seoul.

The suspect revealed that he knows people who took their lives because of the LUNA crash.

He further claimed that he himself lost 2-3 billion won (US$2.3 million) in the cryptocurrency collapse.

 As reported earlier, someone allegedly entered Do Kwon’s apartment and then rang the doorbell while Kwon’s wife was at home. 

The suspect urged Kwon to take responsibility for the cryptocurrency crash that left LUNA/UST investors with nothing.

The investor asked Terra founder to apologize to over 200,000 investors who have lost their savings.

Since the LUNA/UST crash, Terra has proposed several ways to bring back UST’s value to $1.