Properties closer to the ‘Dog Park’ to be more expensive in Shiberse

Feb 25, 2022

The team confirmed that 99,000 pieces of land will be available for purchase and Leash holders get first access. Only 35,000 pieces of land will be open in the first phase for bidding which is accessible to Leash holders..

The bidding process will be held in a 10-day ‘land event’. After the bids are completed, the rest of the lands will be open to others.

The price of the properties in Shiberse will be based on the location and proximity to resources. Each property will be priced differently as per the map position and accessibility to supplies (just like real-world real-estate).

Shiba Inu’s top influencer confirmed that properties closer to the ‘Dog Park’ will be more expensive than other pieces of land.

The maximum a ‘wallet’ can purchase is 100 plots and users can purchase lands in Shiberse with Ethereum. Leash gives access to early bidding but investors need to pay in ETH to purchase lands.

Moreover, Shiboshis will get 2000 lands and are exclusively reserved for the Shiba Inu NFT Holders.