Ricardo Salinas Pliego starting a power plan to mine Bitcoin

March 16, 2022

Grupo Salinas, funded by Ricardo Salinas Pliego, has control of more than 50% of the Mexican motorcycle market. His net worth is estimated to be $13.6 billion.

Mexico’s third richest man envisions bitcoin as the future. He is encouraging people to invest in bitcoin when the price is low.

Grupo Dragon, under Grupo Salinas, a geothermal power plant company, plans to start mining bitcoin by July 2022. It has 25 megawatts of geothermal energy technology capacity.

Grupo Elektra is accepting bitcoin as legal tender. Using renewable energy for the process of bitcoin mining is the next innovation. The Bitcoin market will be the most affected in a positive way.

Ricardo has a different perfective for the crypto market. Let’s have a few glimpse of it.

From the latest interview on bitcoin- bitcoin magazine