Ripple ventures with FLUF World to launch Open Metaverse.

June 18, 2022

The NFT collectibles ecosystem FLUF World has partnered with Ripple to launch a decentralized blockchain network, the Root Network.

The Open Metaverse will run on the Root Network, according to the announcement

Through the partnership, XRP will be used as a default gas token on the Root Network.

The Open Metaverse hosts multiple NFT collections with over 195,000 different items and over 340,000 transactions, the company announced.

Through the Open Metaverse, the company wants to achieve an immersive experience, which touches on the theme of a seamless virtual world.

“The Open Metaverse removes the boundaries between the major categories we currently engage with e.g finance, gaming, social media, commerce,” FLUF World claimed.

The Root Network also supports asset bridges to the XRPL network and the ETH network.