Brad Garlinghouse thinks market will continue to shrink in near term.

June 14, 2022

Days like today are never what you hope to see, esp. in an industry with as much incredible talent as crypto, Garlinghouse tweeted.

Ripple CEO assured new crypto investors that this bear market will pass too.

Ripple survived previous bear markets because of an experienced exec team that witnessed the dot com bubble, 2008 financial crisis, 2018 crypto winter and more, Brad tweeted.

The global crypto market cap is currently at $956.91 billion as bitcoin lost nearly 23% in the last seven days.

The leading cryptocurrency bitcoin is currently trading at just above $22,000.

Rampant inflation continuing and the Federal Reserve expected to hike interest rates are being linked to the current bearish market.

Though the market might be shrinking right now, Garlinghouse believes that crypto will succeed in the future as an integral part of our global financial systems.