Shiba Inu Announces Purchase/Auction Of Shiba Metaverse Lands With A Queue System


The SHIB team has announced that they are expanding their ecosystem by introducing lands, a queue system, and more in the virtual land.

This development allows SHIB-holders to grab their land and become a part of the Dog-themed Metaverse.

The team has named their Metaverse a ‘Shiberse’ as the early phase of development continues. They will drop the exact name for it by the end of this month.

SHIB dropped some big numbers to explain the rapid growth with enormous interest from small and large companies in the Metaverse.

In 2020 alone, the Metaverse was worth approximately $478.7 billion.

The biggest Metaverse platforms that opted to introduce virtual real estate are Sandbox and Decentraland.

The SHIB team has explained that the queue system will be specifically designed for the Shiba Land sales event.