Shiba Inu market cap grows 60% larger than Robinhood

Feb 19, 2022

Both Robinhood and Shiba Inu’s prices are dipping in the indices but despite the fall, SHIB’s market cap is growing while Robinhood’s is plummeting.

Shiba Inu’s market cap has now grown 60% larger than Robinhood and the gap is widening each passing day.

While Robinhood’s market cap stands around $10 billion, SHIB’s market cap grew to $16 billion.

Robinhood shares seem to be plummeting like a pack of cards as it dipped -9.33% yesterday reaching new weekly lows. Its shares are now trading at $12.5 from its initial public offering of $38 in July 2021.

The majority (61%) of its Q2 revenues came from Dogecoin alone, but the meme-token failed to spiral upwards in price.

Dogecoin’s hype fizzled out eventually making way for newer meme-coins to rule the market. Investors moved away from Dogecoin as it failed to deliver growth during the second half of 2021.

A SHIB listing will open the floodgates of newer investors into the meme-token and can benefit both Robinhood and Shiba Inu.