Do Kwon reveals plans to buy $10 Billion worth of BTC.

April 19, 2022

Terraform Labs founder Do Kwon says his role in the crypto industry is a little polarizing.

“We’ve been making a lot of big moves. And that ruffles some feathers,” Terra founder said in an interview with Bloomberg.

Earlier this month, Terra added $100 million worth BTC taking its total holdings above $1.7 billion.

Do Kwon’s plans to buy $10 billion worth of bitcoin has raised some eyebrows in the crypto industry.

The “King of Lunatics” said he has a very strong belief in a decentralized ecosystem.

Some critics, including Galois Capital, have expressed concern regarding Terra Labs saying if Terra fails, it could take down the crypto universe with it.

Do Kwon said he is pretty confident that Terra will be the largest stablecoin in the next two years.