Terra team confirms LUNA 2.0 airdrop date.

27 May, 2022

LUNA 2.0 airdrop is all set to take place on 28th May, 2022. 

According to a recent Tweet, the Terra 2 testnet is live, and the entire blockchain will go fully live on May 28.

 “Subject to potential change, we expect Terra to go live on May 28th, 2022 at around 06:00 AM UTC,” Terra team tweeted. 

Binance, Kraken, FTX and Bitfinex are among the top crypto exchanges that have announced support for LUNA 2.0 airdrop.

The airdrop will occur on the first block of the new Terra chain. 

There will be four groups of tokens in the Terra ecosystem - Pre-crash Luna, Pre-crash UST, Post-crash Luna, Post-crash UST.

Token holders of all these categories will be entitled to a 30% airdrop relative to their holdings during the genesis of Terra 2.