Celebrities & Bitcoin

List of top 10 celebrities who have invested in Bitcoin

Elon Musk

It's no surprise that billionaire Elon Musk invests in Bitcoin. He's one of the most outspoken supporters of cryptocurrencies.


Richard Branson

Branson took part in a $30 million fundraising round headed by BitPay, a Bitcoin payment processing network.


He made his music accessible for Bitcoin purchasing, with each album costing 0.3 bitcoin. The worth of the same has increased to $14,000.


Snoop Dogg

Jack Dorsey has publicly admitted to investing in cryptocurrency as part of a venture and campaigning for the King coin.


Jack Dorsey

Mike Tyson joined the digital revolution by collaborating with Bitcoin ATM makers and having his face tattooed on the machines.


Mike Tyson

Floyd Mayweather Jr.

No wonder he kept his middle name as money. He is a part of one of the biggest capital booms of this century, and so he invested heavily in Bitcoin.


Mark Cuban

He owns the Dallas Mavericks and also invested in Bitcoin. However, his relationship with the cryptocurrency has been sweet and sour.


Lionel Messi

He has partnered with several blockchain programs in his lifetime and has advocated for the benefits that the cryptocurrency world presents.


Steven Seagal

The actor and aikido martial arts instructor has become a well-known figure in the cryptocurrency world.


Ashton Kutcher

Hollywood actor Ashton Kutcher is also among the several stars who openly show support for blockchain technology.