Valentine’s Day: Phillips to auction metahuman-made NFTs

Feb 14, 2022

The First Auction Data-Generative NFT Created by a Virtual Human

Phillips, a global auction house, launched a nine-day NFT auction to celebrate Valentine’s Day, in Hong Kong.

EXCALIBUR Gotchi-Noh / Izutsu (The Well Cradle), 2022

Six artworks are being auctioned as NFTs.

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LILI TAE Love, Me, 2022

“Drowning in Love” made by MonoC, a virtual artist developed by Gusto Collective. This is an auction data-generated NFT.

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Drowning in love, 2022

MonoC is a virtual metahuman influencer, Gusto Collective founder and CEO Aaron Lau told Forkast.

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MACIEJ KUCIARA Her Body is Metal, 2022

MonoC will input at least 100,000 data points from the real-time web auction to generate algorithms rendering the NFT in a video form, which will be auctioned off at an opening bid of HK$1,000 (US$128) on Feb. 22, Lau said.

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REWIND COLLECTIVE Double Exposure - Virgin Mary #1, 2022

For all six NFTs, Phillips will accept Ethereum or Bitcoin as a payment option in addition to Hong Kong dollars.

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POMME CHAN Falling For You, 2022

Open for Bidding 14-22 February 2022