April 15, 2022

Why Father of the iPod not investing in Metaverse?

Tony Fadell, who is the inventor of the iPod and the iPhone, and the founder and former CEO of Nest Labs, decides not to invest in the metaverse.

Tony Fadell is worried pertaining to the surge in investment in the metaverse. It will consume a high amount of climate technology.

He strongly believes that metaverse is a false choice, which will led to the diversion of resources. Investing in the metaverse is a part of the problem.

The climate tech revolution will start in Europe. Every product we are using today will be changed in 20 years.

Fadell supports climate tech startups, which aim to help scientists and engineers convert their ideas into real life.

Tony has worked closely with Steve Jobs and has become an active VC investor.

He is writing a book called "Build: An Unorthodox Guide to Making Things Worth Making."

“In the end, there are two things that matter: products and people.”                                        -Tony Fadell