Will ETH rebound?

Feb 19, 2022

Ethereum (ETH) Price Prediction: Is ETH Heading Toward January Lows!

Ethereum’s price remained below $3,000 Friday morning, capping a week in which its price stalled short.

Ethereum (ETH) price trades with modest losses today and records losses for the third straight day.

Ethereum (ETH) price has surged 55% from the lows of $2,159 as peaked at the highs of $3,284.73

Price action suggests bulls are losing control over the trend. Expect more downside if the price slips below $2,770.

Morgan Stanley report states that ETH could lose its dominance if strong market competition emerges.

Investors are giving their portfolios fresh scrutiny in light of current market conditions, says Grant Maddox, a South Carolina-based certified financial planner.