April 8, 2022

World’s Richest Non-Exchange Bitcoin Whale acquires $140 Million worth BTC

The world’s richest non-exchange Bitcoin whale holds 120,000 BTC worth $5.5 billion and acquires 3,241 BTC.

Recently, the third-richest Bitcoin whale controlled by Binance and Bitfinex bought 289 BTC and later 2,952 BTC within 24 hours.

If we keep track of all the massive transactions by BTC whale, they will be approximately worth $336 million in the past three weeks.

This pattern has a repetition. MicroStrategy accumulates $4,167 in bitcoin. March 21-31: 3,000 Bitcoins 1–5 April: 4,500 Bitcoins

Luna Foundation Guard is also part of the race, with a whopping 35,768 BTC.

Shrimps, Sharks, and Whales are three groups categorised by Glassnode 

Whales are getting hungrier than ever!

Next are the Bitcoin Shrimps!