March 24, 2022

‘Not discovery but bitcoin saved my life’

A Ukrainian man managed to escape with $2,000 in bitcoin on a USB drive.

A 20-year-old man, with 40% of his life savings in bitcoin, landed in Poland.

In such situations he needed COVID negative report and money.  He couldn’t wait to withdraw cash from the ATM or make any electronic cash transfer.

He traded $600 worth of bitcoin for zloty(Poland currency). He took a bus to cross the border just before the border shutdown.

He is the webmaster of the Helios Fund. The company used to pay him in bitcoins. He was saving money with a Tails OS setup on a USB drive.

Imagine waking up to bullet sounds and bombs, and finding that your homeland is under attack.

It’s beyond words. Bitcoin can’t stop this, however, it can be an aid for people to survive.

There are a lot of people in Ukraine trying to hold onto their net worth as stored in a password because the banking system is failing in a crisis.

Bitcoin has the potential to save your life!

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