This Week in Cryptos: Gemini Opens Chicago Office While Square’s Cash App Goes Bitcoin

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This Week in Cryptos: Gemini Opens Chicago Office While Square’s Cash App Goes Bitcoin

Key highlights

  • Cash App adds Bitcoin deposits
  • LedgerX to settle futures in physical BTC
  • Henry Kravis backs crypto fund
  • Gemini opens Chicago office
  • Amun launches Bitwise 10 ETP
  • Samourai Wallet releases CoinJoin

Cash App adds Bitcoin deposits

This week, Bitcoin deposits found a new home. San Francisco-based payments company Square has just made bitcoin (BTC) deposits available on its Cash App. This move, now allows Cash App users to deposit bitcoins from external wallets into their app bitcoin address. According to Square’s announcement, deposits are limited to $10,000 worth of bitcoin in a seven day period. It also notes that transfers could take several hours to be confirmed on the blockchain.

LedgerX to settle futures in physical BTC

LedgerX moved another step in its offering. This week The Commodity Futures Trading Commission (CFTC) has cleared bitcoin derivatives provider LedgerX to offer physically settled bitcoin futures contracts. The regulator said it has approved LedgerX’s application for a designated contract market (DCM) license, meaning the company can now offer the new futures contracts. LedgerX is the second company to receive approval to offer physically settled bitcoin futures; other firms, such as Intercontinental Exchange’s Bakkt, Seed CX and ErisX plan to enter this market.

Henry Kravis backs crypto fund

Another “Big Guy” Billionare moves to crypto. Billionaire investor and philanthropist Henry Kravis has finnaly decided to get his hands on crypto as it is believed that he has invested in a cryptocurrency fund offered by ParaFi Capital. Looks like Henry Kravis, who is co-founder of global investment firm KKR & Co, has laid his trust on his former employee Ben Forman, who happens to be ParaFi founder and CIO.

Gemini opens Chicago office

Gemini exchange this week announced its new office. And it Chicago. Headquartered in New York, Gemini adds its new Chicago office to their existing office in Portland, Oregon, Gemini co-founder Tyler Winklevoss wrote in a Medium post. According to the statement, Gemini’s Chicago office will act as an engineering hub and reflects the company’s goal of providing a “safe and reliable institutional-grade infrastructure” for trading and storing crypto.

Amun launches Bitwise 10 ETP

This week, Amun added another product to its arsenal. According to the news coming from Swiss, waters is that a new exchange-traded product (ETP) has been launched on Switzerland’s top stock exchange SIX by Bitwise (cryptocurrency asset manager) and Swiss fintech company Amun AG. Called as “The Bitwise 10 Select Large Cap Crypto Index” has been licensed to Amun AG by Bitwise which is expected to be the benchmark index for the latest ETP product – “Amun Bitwise Select 10 Large-Cap Crypto Index ETP” including the ticker symbol KEYS.

Samourai Wallet releases CoinJoin

Samourai Wallet had up its game in the privacy offering segment. This week the wallet released Privacy-Enhancing CoinJoin Beta Feature called the Whirlpool. The company previously said that Whirlpool would be released to operate on Dojo, a much-awaited bitcoin node built to work with the wallet. For people who may not know. CoinJoin is a process of anonymization that utilizes various privacy-enhancing software tools.

Note: This article is the rework of the thoughts put forward by Anthony Pompliano.

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