What is Liquid Craft?

By Stan Peterson
Published October 19, 2021 Updated October 19, 2021

What is Liquid Craft?

By Stan Peterson
Published October 19, 2021 Updated October 19, 2021

Liquid Craft is launching their first release of liquor-backed NFTs titled Dragons and Bourbon on October 29th at 12 PM PST. The launch is the first step in the project’s objective, poised to take aim at the NFT and traditional liquor markets simultaneously through the combination of blockchain technology, and appreciating fine liquors.

The team at Liquid Craft have identified the pitfalls of both markets and plan to use blockchain technology, combined with the value in liquor, to create the solutions required for both.

Dragons And Bourbon – Liquid Crafts First NFT Offering

On Oct 29th at 12 PM PST, the first mint of liquor-backed NFTs go on sale. Their initial offering, titled Dragons and Bourbon is the first step in their introduction to two separate markets. This launch is a prime example of the functionality NFTs can provide to an already established space. The release is occurring in two tiers to enable users to easily participate, one on the Ethereum Network and another for the Binance Smart Chain.

Each NFT is tied to a premium bottle of handcrafted, cask strength bourbon, created by the international award-winning distillers at The Heart Distillery from Windsor Colorado. 

Due to the one-of-a-kind, small batch of bourbons created for this run, the Dragon and Bourbon NFTs are released in a strictly limited supply. As a reward for initial buyers of this first release, Liquid Craft is offering CRAFT token airdrops, exclusive offerings, and automatic entry to all future competitions as a show of appreciation. 

Room For Improvement With NFTs and Liquor Investing

NFT prices have soared over the past 12 months but unfortunately most NFTs in circulation are nothing more than digital art, with the value being derived primarily from sentiment and current market hype.

NFTs are digital art pieces built on top of smart contracts that work as a digital ledger. This ledger keeps track of all transactions, cannot be altered, and identifies ownership of the digital asset. This allows the NFT to be collected, traded, gifted, sold, and resold, with each transaction recorded and identifiable. 

Liquor on the other hand, is a physical asset that is traded by mostly traditional means. Intermediaries, auction houses, and brokers are the standard procedure. Despite the rapid growth witnessed in recent years as well as the technological advancements available, these procedures have largely remained much the same. Simplicity is not something that is usually associated with the trade of fine liquors.

Liquid Crafts Solution

Liquid Crafts team – a mixture of liquor aficionados and crypto enthusiasts, have come up with a simple but effective solution to the pitfalls of both markets and have their sights set on bringing a solution to life. The concept is simple – Use the current technological advancements emerging with NFTs and blockchain, and leverage these developments to alleviate the problems associated with the liquor investment world. 

When NFTs are tied to physical assets, the intermediary processes and physical handling are reduced to a minimum. Crafters of various liquors can effectively list their products as liquor-backed NFTs that can be purchased and traded like any other in the market. The physical product is stored safely in the crafters care. Buyers can easily purchase the NFT from the Liquid Craft Marketplace to then collect, trade or resell, until the time comes that they redeem the NFT for the physical product. 

What This Means For Budding Liquor Investors

This process reduces the physical handling, storage, and shipping requirements, minimizing the risks for buyers. Liquid Craft have effectively removed the most significant barriers to entry for budding investors through the use of NFTs. 

At the same time, NFTs that are liquor-backed now obtain tangible value, something missing from a large portion of the current NFT market. NFTs, due to their individuality, transaction speed, transparency, and security, have a place in the future of many different industries. Now the benefits associated with this new blockchain technology can make a difference in traditional markets, fine liquor included.

Liquid Crafts Future Roadmap

The team has a long-term plan in place, with this release being a sample of what is coming in the next few months. A large marketing drive is underway to prepare for the Oct 29th launch, with plenty of opportunities on the Liquid Craft official social media pages to win D&B NFTs and whitelist entries. 

The team is currently building an extensive marketplace dedicated to fine liquor-backed NFTs, with plans in place to incorporate an array of international crafters. Coinpresso – an expert SEO and crypto advertising agency, have partnered with Liquid Craft to assist in all aspects of promotion for this current release, and all future marketing endeavors.

Liquid Crafts objective is to shake up multiple industries for the benefit of the average investor and crafters of handcrafted liquors. Intermediaries are removed, NFTs can gain real value and crafters the world over can showcase their craft to a new international audience.

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