Will it be Dogecoin Or Marscoin? Elon Musk Agrees Mars Economy Will Run on Crypto

By Prashant Jha
December 29, 2020 Updated December 29, 2020
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Elon musk cryptotwitter
Elon musk cryptotwitter

Elon Musk, the serial entrepreneur leading multi-billion dollar companies ranging from an electric car maker in Tesla to space technology company SpaceX. While Tesla’s success as a car maker and soaring Tesla stock prices making it the most valuable carmaker in history is for everyone to see, SpaceX is currently Musk’s most talked-about company primarily because of his goals for colonizing Mars. While it seems quite far-fetched at the moment Musk seems pretty serious about it as he is already discussing the economy and money that would run the planet.

Musk has talked about his Mars plans for years and recently Lex Fridman, an Artificial Intelligence researcher asked whether the Mars economy would run on crypto, to which a user responded with a possible name for the currency called Marscoin. Musk gave his approval to both the AI researcher and the user with a “Yes,” suggesting not only Mars economy would run on crypto, most probably it would be called Marscoin.

Elon Musk a Big Dogecoin Fan

Elon Musk is quite active on Twitter which is also how he does most of the PR for his ventures and projects in absence of any PR team. Musk often interacts with his followers on Twitter engaging with memes and his expertise. Cryptocurrency is a new and emerging financial technology, and Elon Musk has shown a fair share of interest in the crypto space and often shills Dogecoin, a meme turned into a crypto token.

Musk also created a storm recently by calling Bitcoin as BS as Fiat, which for sure triggered many BTC Marxists, however going by Musk’s long-time fans he was probably trolling and nothing more.

The explanation is understandable given Musk soon after shilled Dogecoin again. Many also asked Musk to make Dogecoin the official currency of Mars as he is presumably the unofficial CEO of the Doge Community. Apart from that Musk in the past has shown great understanding of Bitcoin and is often seen advising other celebrities on whether to invest in Bitcoin or not.

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