Report: Women Make 22% of Crypto Investors in Europe

By Tabassum
Published August 1, 2019 Updated August 1, 2019
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Report: Women Make 22% of Crypto Investors in Europe

By Tabassum
Published August 1, 2019 Updated August 1, 2019

A report published by Bitpanda and Globalwebindex has revealed interesting data points about the demographics of European cryptocurrency holders – the ratio of male and female crypto investors, their ages, relationship status, educational qualifications and more. 

Male v/s Female in Crypto Industry

The cryptocurrency industry has been gradually evolving over the years and growing in size by adding more participants from all around the world. However, like many other industries, the cryptocurrency space is also notorious for being male-dominated. A report on European crypto holders affirms the same, but it also reveals that the percentage of women crypto investors has grown over the years.

The detailed research report drafted with data from across 17 European markets including Russia and Turkey discloses that male crypto investors outnumber female crypto investors by a large percentage.

Male v/s Female in Crypto
BitPanda Research Report

The specific gender chart in the report shows that 78% of the crypto investors are male while women’s participation in this space stands at just 22%. Following the data, the report claims that this gender imbalance is less than many would assume. This is because earlier reports by others have shown that males constitute over 90% of crypto investors.

The report highlights other demographic statistics of the European cryptocurrency industry as well. According to the report, only 23% of the crypto investors are employed full time; 17% are freelancers and 16% are students. 39% of crypto investors are married while 32% are single and 24% are in a relationship. A large chunk of crypto investors – 37%, has a university degree, while 30% has done schooling till the age of 30. Only 9% of crypto investors have a postgraduate degree.

Is Crypto Industry Male Dominant too?

The report also states the differences and commonalities between male and female crypto investors. It asserts that female crypto holders “share the orientation” towards various fields that characterize their male counterparts including gaming, tech, entrepreneurship, business, computers, and finance. Moreover, crypto-holding women are likely to have different interests than women who are not into crypto.

Compared to other women, female crypto holders are slightly less likely to be interested in topics where other female respondents traditionally over-index: cooking, books, and literature, the report reads.

Both male and female crypto investors are likely to have sports and gaming as important pastimes.


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