Celebrating the Spirit of WomenInBlockchain on International Women’s Day 2019

Women's day

Celebrating the Spirit of WomenInBlockchain on International Women’s Day 2019

Note: This by no means is a rating/ranking, the article summarizes the voluntary inputs from various women rockstars. Let’s forget the competition and celebrate the spirit of Women’s day.

Coingape admires the talent of women and their contribution to Blockchain & crypto on International Women’s Day. We thank all the mentioned women for providing their unique perspective to some of the most burning questions in crypto and blockchain. Quite often, WOMEN ARE EMPOWERING OTHER WOMEN.  

Last year we witnessed crypto prices falling to their ATLs and even some of the big players like Coinsquare and Bitmain were not spared as they either had to shed their workforce or abandon the operations.

But, Shireen YIP, COO at Travel-By-Bit  believes it’s time to “Ignore financial speculations, let’s build genuine blockchain adoption”

Wise is the one who accepts that there is a problem, inequality is the biggest issue women are facing today– but the trend has moved into something exciting, Women in Tech or Women on Board are removing all the barriers and holding out a mike, inspiring million other women to leverage the cutting edge era like – Blockchain Technology and Crypto Ecosystem.

To bring up the real-time experience of #WomenInBlockchain, we reached out to women working closely with the Blockchain and Crypto-based firms and asked their opinions on a wide range of questions. 

Following is a quick list of Women in Crypto who have recently participated in this Q/A.

  • Sasha Kolesova  – Director of PR at Changelly (Russia)
  • Simran Alphonso – Journalist at AMBcrypto and Technical content specialist at KoinEx (India)
  • Indian CryptoGirl – Indian Crypto Influencer (India)
  • Dr. Chitral Patel, AVP – Marketing and Head of Partnerships at Lala World (India)
  • Priyanka Sharma – Chief of Staff at WazirX Cryptocurrency Exchange (India)
  • Aayushi Jain – Head of Customer Experience at Coinswitch.co (India)
  • Simona Pop –  co-founder and CMO of Bounties Network (U.K) (Twitter)
  • Wendy O – Crypto Influencer and Vlogger (United States)

Let’s look at the diverse opinions of BlockchainWomen on few sneaky questions!

Q – How to encourage more women in blockchain and Crypto space and why is it Crucial?

Sasha Kolesova from Changelly 

We obviously need more great examples of women leading the space to feel equal. Ironically, our community is too close in a way, we’re obsessed with our projects and ideas and sometimes forget to share the basics with as many people as we can. We’re here together, so let’s bring everybody here, in this melting crypto pot, and see what happens in a decade.

Priyanka Sharma from WazirX

The first step would be busting the myth that it’s difficult to get into the Blockchain field if you’re not an engineer. It’s in your head, and if that were the case, I’d be jobless right now! I’d love to educate young women on the blockchain, and its career scope – there’s room for marketing, finance, legal, compliance, and so much more! We could even start conducting counseling workshops in undergrad colleges, have online seminars, and whatnot.

Simona Pop from Bounties Network

Diversity and inclusion, a variety of perspectives. I encourage them to get involved in meet-ups, conversations and create content on what they’re passionate about

Q- What’s your voice on upcoming Indian crypto policy? (Will India bring positive crypto regulations to the country? What would be that if you think so)!

Priyanka Sharma from WazirX

A positive crypto regulation is on its way, and I’m confident that the Indian government won’t let us down. I don’t think that crypto will be accepted as a mode of payment yet, I feel that crypto will fall under a new asset class, and income from it would be taxable. I also see a stringent AML guideline coming in for exchanges, Said Priya. More than anything else, the upcoming regulation will finally give crypto the “legitimacy” it deserves and creates room for more innovation!

Simran from AMBCrypto and KoinEx  

To be very honest, the decision makers do not understand the technology behind cryptocurrencies. And if you don’t understand the aspects that makes crypto great you can’t really understand why there’s a need for its legitimacy. I’m pretty bullish that people are going to accept crypto to accelerate financial sovereignty but it’s going to take a while before the Indian government takes a stance.

Indian CryptoGirl

With nations formulating policies on cryptocurrency and blockchain every day, India will soon have to regulate the industry as well. Growing international pressure of investments in the sector will force the government to ensure the laws keep up with disruptive technologies.

Q – What’s the future of Blockchain in your view? Especially in India. Which sector will witness a surge in Blockchain revolution? 

The answers to this question were quite similar, resulting in the quick answer as ‘BANKS’. Here are their views;

Chitral Patel from LalaWorld

Blockchain will certainly revolutionize the way we trade currently. Much needed in banking and financial sector, health, and entertainment industry.

Simran from AMBCrypto and KoinEx

I believe that India needs Blockchain for banks, supply chains, voting, medical and more. We’re a country with one of the highest population rates in the world. We need to be systematic. We need to be transparent. We need to be democratic, and for that, we need to be decentralized.

Ayushi Jain from Coinswitch

Banking sector and decentralized finance is the sector which would have a global adoption as well as adoption in India

Indian CryptoGirl

As an agrarian economy, Agriculture is the first sector which can be positively impacted by blockchain – reducing middlemen and ensuring subsidies reach the right people in a safe, secure and transparent system.

Q – What inspired you to enter into Blockchain Era?

Wendy O – Crypto Influencer and Vlogger

The most inspiring thing about Blockchain was the freedom it provided me with, I am able to work from home and spend time with my family- prior I had worked in healthcare for 7 years as a patient services coordinator.

And the survey ends with their advice to all women on Blockchain..!

Q – Your ultimate advice to all women on this ‘Women’s Day’? *

Priyanka Sharma from WazirX

Ladies, whether it’s workplace or anywhere else, we got to have each others’ backs! Let’s uplift each other, push each other out of our comfort zone, and be there for each other. If a man ever attributes your achievements to your v***na, DON’T you ever doubt yourself, just block, report and move on! Remember, Gloria Steinem’s words: if women could sleep their way to the top, there would be a lot more women at the top. Never be apologetic about your success.

Simran from AMBCrypto and KoinEx   

Let’s hop in this ride for revolution, let’s not miss the Web 3.0?

Aayushi Jain from Coinswitch –  Focus on your work and not on your critics, work speaks more than words.

Indian CryptoGirl – Girls, we need to shift from spending to saving mindset, we cannot be left behind and must make our own place in the blockchain and cryptocurrency ecosystem.

Chitral Patel from LalaWorld – Break all barriers, hold your chin up high, take 3 deep breaths and YOU CAN DO IT!

Happy Women’s Day – Rock the World of Crypto.

Celebrating the Spirit of WomenInBlockchain on International Women’s Day 2019
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Celebrating the Spirit of WomenInBlockchain on International Women’s Day 2019
Coingape admires the talent of women and their contribution in Blockchain & crypto on International Women's Day. We thank all the mentioned women for providing their unique perspective to some of the most burning questions in crypto and blockchain. Quite often, WOMEN ARE EMPOWERING OTHER WOMEN.  
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