XRP Liquidity and Ripple Adoption Bolstering with New Additions

By Brian Bollinger
Published October 30, 2018 Updated October 30, 2018
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XRP Liquidity and Ripple Adoption Bolstering with New Additions

By Brian Bollinger
Published October 30, 2018 Updated October 30, 2018

XRP might be currently moving in tandem with the red market at a 24-hours loss of 1.12 percent at $0.445, but it is continuously expanding as it adds new exchanges and partners to its name. Given the fact that a number of positive and bullish news in the crypto market are failing to affect the prices, Ripple’ partnerships are also not realizing into price movements. However, this adds to the network and value of a cryptocurrency in the long lun.

XRP: Bitcoin on Steroid

Ripple is surely expanding as evident from the statement of Ripple’s chief marketing strategist Cory Johnson,

“A year ago, Ripple was signing a new customer every six weeks. Now, we’re signing one every six days. So it’s a really dramatic difference in terms of what’s happened. But I think that it’s still so early because we’re still selling it.”

He further added XRP is a faster version of Bitcoin:

“The technology of XRP, it’s like Bitcoin 2.0. It’s Bitcoin, but it’s faster. It’s Bitcoin, but it doesn’t use tons of power. It’s Bitcoin, but it’s not controlled by Chinese miners. But fundamentally, it is a blockchain digital asset that is used principally for the movement of value.”

Expansion in Full Gear

Recently, Ripple added top-notch talent to its expanding team. Amir Sarhangi, who has been leading a new wireless messaging system at Google has been recruited by Ripple as vice president of products.

Synechron, a blockchain accelerator for global payments is using Ripple to reduce international and interbank funds transfers as it shares on its website, “Blockchain payment technologies like Ripple can add tremendous value in the global sphere by bringing multi-day settlement cycles down to real-time, enhancing operations around global currency conversions, improving anti-money laundering data and more.”

Amore Finance, a Czech Fintech startup has also joined RippleNet. Through this partnership, the company is planning to offer its clients fast and cheap international payments.

Moreover, Scandinavian Individual Bank (SEB) talked at Sibos 2018 event about using Ripple DLT. At the beginning of this year, Ripple also reported, “SEB, a large Scandinavian bank, has now processed close to $1 billion in cross-border payments over xCurrent.

Recently, CoinDCX, an Indian exchange added XRP along with ETH against INR on its platform. Additionally, Ripple enthusiast, Leonidas, recently shared, “$XRP is one of the base currencies on @BitInka with $EUR, $USD, Argentine peso $ARS, Bolivian Bolíviano $BOB, Brazilian real $BRL, Chilean peso $CLP, Colombian peso $COP and Peruvian Sol $PEN fiat pairs!


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